Lexus Provides Luxury and Fuel Efficiency


The Toyota Prius is becoming symbolic of gas mileage and eco-friendly technology, and contains also assisted make Toyota the best choice in compounds. The recognition from the Toyota Prius has additionally managed to get the very best selling hybrid on the highway, even despite todays vast hybrid choices.

Seeing the chance to help take advantage of its hybrid vehicle dominance, Toyota has become concentrating on its luxury hybrid choices. Particularly, it’s just released a brand new luxury hybrid, the Lexus HS 250h. Because the only devoted hybrid within the Lexus selection, its a bold offering which will give consumers the benefit of high-mileage covered with a lavish package.

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By pointing out Hybrid Vehicle


Efficient Compounds have engines running from rechargeable batteries and gasoline against just gasoline or diesel. Compounds can help to eliminate smog as much as 90% and may get far better gas mileage a normal engine.

Free Reprint Articles. If it may be feasible for everybody to make use of this fuel efficient transportation they’d hardly be be worried about rising gas prices and rising concern for pollution related weather changes.

Hybrid vehicle engines run an motor unit when speeding up during this period the gasoline side from the engine is shut lower. Once the batteries have to be billed again the gasoline engine wills begin anew. Once the hybrid vehicle brakes it always will go back to the motor unit side due to the low quantity of power needed when braking to have an extended period of time.

Compounds are excellent for that atmosphere they are able to get 55-60 mpg in city driving. That’s greater than three occasions better then many SUVs! Compounds are a lot better than planet because there’s you don’t need to recharge them. Planet have to be recharged between 50-100 miles. The hybrid engine can recharge itself using the gas side from it. Such a long time distance travel isn’t an issue for that auto enthusiasts with todays hybrid motors. Also another drawback to pure planet is many of them are only able to do about 60 mph once the hybrid engine isn’t restricted to lower highway speeds.

If you’re searching for additional info on these leading edge cars I’d start your quest on the web. Around the internet you can’t only find the best information around there are also the best prices on compounds where you live. With internet you browse 100s of retailers with only a couple of key strokes.

Hybrid cars

Buy Auto Parts Online


Every vehicle owner needs to buy auto parts at some point in their existence. For most of us purchasing auto parts is definitely an experiment in hit or miss. There are plenty of variables and technical terminologies when you haven’t researched completely enough, you will in all probability be lost! You should select a legitimate auto parts store online that sells quality spares of the vehicle(s) at reasonable and cost-effective rates. Following are a few tips that may help you obtain the best bang for your buck when purchasing auto parts online

-Contrary to public opinion, you’ll find higher quality spares of the vehicle(s) at more sensible and cost-effective rates compared to its physical counterparts.

-Bear in mind that you won’t able be talk to the local auto technician before purchasing auto parts online. Thus, you should be aware of make, year and type of your automobile along with the part quantity of the spare part(s) you’re searching for.

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Cash for Clunkers Continues Without the Cash

White House says Cash for Clunkers is still running, even if they don’t have the money for it??? Source:White House Says Cash for Clunkers Is Up and Running The White House insists the too-successful cash for clunkers program, despite running out of money, remains up and running Friday and will continue to operate through the […]
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Not Everyone Gets TARP Funds for Hybrids

With all the press releases from towns, counties and states that have gotten federal money to buy hybrids lately, it’s interesting to note those who don’t.

In Oregon, a $15 million application to provide hybrid vehicles and electric recharging stations along Interstate 5 and Interstate 84 was not approved.  Oregon had hoped to use the funds to help purchase 800 vehicles that use partial or all electric power, as well as 1,250 recharging stations.

“Oregon’s project was unfortunately not selected for funding under this opportunity. We are currently trying to identify other sources of funds or other ways to accomplish the objectives of the project,” said Oregon Business Development Department Clean Tech Industry Strategist Mark Brady.

Source:State loses on hybrid money |

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Nissan Electric Vehicle Preview on Tiida-based Prototype

Nissan demonstrated their new electric vehicle (EV) using a Tidda-based prototype.  Powered by a lithium-ion battery pack set beneath the vehicle floor, the EV has a range of 99 miles (160 km) with a full charge.

Nissan has pushed ahead with EV even as Toyota and Honda have seen great success with their hybrids recently. Nissan has said they want to develop their own hybrid technology for smaller vehicles, and will have a hybrid Infiniti in the next year.

In the meantime, Nissan will be launching an EV in 2010 with a unique design and body. The actual design of the production EV will be revealed on August 2nd, while the prototype shown today is just for demonstration purposes. A Nissan Zero-emission Website ( will also go live on Aug. 2nd.

Nissan has put together some innovative support functions for its new EV, which may help the adoption of the all electric vehicle with 99 miles of range.

EV-IT support function
Nissan has developed an sophisticated IT system for its zero-emission EVs, connecting the vehicle’s on-board transmitting unit to a global data center to support EV driving 24 hours 7 days a week.

Maximum range display

  • With a simple touch of a button, the navigation map shows the driving radius within range under the current state of charge.
  • The system can calculate if the vehicle is within range of a pre-set destination.

Update on charging stations

  • The navigation system points out the latest information on available charging stations within the current driving range.
  • Detailed information for each charging station will also be displayed.

Timer function

  • The timer function enables the air-conditioner or battery charging to begin at a specified time. The air-conditioner can be pre-set while the vehicle is plugged-in to cool the cabin to a desirable temperature before driving begins, without taxing the vehicle’s battery. Meanwhile, the battery charging can be set to start at a specified time at night to benefit from more favorable electricity rates.

EV remote control and monitoring function

  • The driver can monitor the state-of-charge of the EV via an online website and a cellular phone. For example, when the battery is fully charged, a message alert is sent to the cellular phone. Additional remote control functions range from switching the charging system ON/OFF or setting the air-conditioner timer.
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A Quick Word of Thanks

There were many people I would have liked to thank over the years and I promised myself I would if I ever got the chance. Well, my new motto is why wait? Of course, I have to thank my family. My Dad of course who started me on my automotive journey. What started out as just wanting to spend some time with him expanded into a career for myself. The “shop” was the hub for my formative years growing up. It was where I spent summers as a kid, afterschool as a teenager, and “overnights” as a twenty something. I learned about life in an automotive repair shop. I want to thank my Mom for teaching me never to take the easy way out. That has proven usefull in business and in life. My brother for showing me the lighter things in life. My wife for putting up with my ocd and intense behavior. Also, when she is updating me on the days events and I am thinking about that amp ramp pattern on that ignition coil instead of listening to her. Is it good, bad, hmmmm. She puts up with a lot.
Then there are my techline bretheren that I spent years with. Cesar, Jose, Mike, Peter, and my good friend Joey “Bag of Donuts” who is without a doubt the most intelligent all around person I know. These guys I still keep in touch with and trade automotive war stories. I have to thank Chris and Ray from Motormouthradio who shout out my website and talk me up from time to time on their radio show. These guys have more fun doing a radio show than I thought possible.
I have to thank all the great instructors and trainers I have had throughout the years. I have had some really good ones. The best though is John Thornton. His knowledge and teaching style is far superior to anyone else. If you ever have a chance to catch John in action do so. You won’t be disappointed.   

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